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Meet Mary & Niki. If you don't know us, we are both bold in different ways, strong minded, hardworking and can get so passionate about something we love or care about that it can become us. Many people may believe we're the same but we are actually very different and complimentary in the ways we need to be. This farm has been home to many different ways to make a living and we have so many people in this community that have long supported every adventure generations of our family have taken part in. It only feels right that we allow this farm to live on!

We have worked together professionally for 15 years and while some can't fathom the thought of working with their mother or daughter, with the way our brains and creative vision work in cohesion, we truly couldn't imagine not.


Farm Operations

Animal Caretaker & Occasional Nurse



Low Key Pro Baker & Cook

Mary has grown up and lived in Pataskala, OH all of her life. As graduate of Licking Heights High School and JVS (now C-TEC) for Horticulture, she has spent 30 years of her professional career as a buyer for four major retail floral locations in Columbus. As a floral designer, a manager, an idea generator, an executor, a merchandiser, a leader, a visionary and a passionate hard worker, she's truly a jack of so many trades.

Though the retail floral industry has been prominent in her professional career for more than half of her life, agriculture and farming have always been a part of her heart and our family for many years and generations.

She's been back to breeding and raising hogs for over 8 years and although she's raised several different kinds of animals, pigs are by far her favorite!


Farm Operations

Graphic Designer



Jr. Boss Lady


Total Flower Lover

I had spent all 15 years of my working career (2005 - 2020) in the floral industry. I am a graduate of Licking Heights and attended and completed C-TEC for Graphic Design in 2007. My professional background is in graphic design, floral design, photography, website management, marketing, writing, idea generation and execution and I absolutely love flowers and anything that has to do with creativity, thinking outside the box and taking things to "unthinkable" places. An exciting day for me looks like being thrown in a room with excited outside box thinkers continually going back and forth with crazy ideas and then bringing them to life. I thrive on this.

My fondest memories growing up are the beauty shop my grandma had at the house and the greenhouses they had where we used to grow vegetable starter plants and flowers (I made a lot of mud pies) and sell right here on the same family farm. 

It is my passion to share this simplicity for my own daughter and generations to come.


At Mink Street Market, we aspire to create a wholesome and trusted experience for our continually growing community. We value quality farm raised food, building trust and creating rich life experiences for our small, close-knit family. 


Farm Operations


Equipment Operator





Cat Lover

Behind the scenes a lot, but very much a part of operations. As a heavy equipment operator by trade, Max loves to run the bobcat, the tractors and take the occasional backhoe stroll on the farm. He loves any kind of equipment and operates every piece with passion and precision like it's what he was literally born to do.

Max proudly tackles any challenge thrown at him and is always willing to learn. He's a graduate from Newark High School and attended and completed C-TEC for welding. 

Max is a charming, hardworking, selfless, encouraging, kind, helpful, big hearted individual and we're so happy he's part of our small family farm!


Our farm land was awarded to Grant Whitehead in the late 1800’s for fighting in the Civil War. Clearance Hite started farming on the shares in 1929 with his relatives where they grew various crops, sold fresh milk and eggs, hauled home grown produce to Columbus to sell on the streets, butchered beef and hogs for neighbors and even raised bees for honey to sell. In 1984, the first greenhouse was built on the property where vegetable starter plants and flowers were grown and sold. We’ve grown flowers and vegetables to sell at various farmers markets along with mums that were sold at Amish produce auctions. This house has seen many people in our community, whether you were getting your hair done in our little add-on beauty shop or a hungry worker just driving by, this farm has always been a place with the intent of serving and helping others. The farm land had sat stagnant for a while up until five years ago when we purchased a couple of milking goats which ultimately lead us, mother, daughter and granddaughter, 3rd, 4th and 5th generation family members back to the roots and passion for hog raising. We currently breed our hogs to sell feeder pigs and also raise hogs to be butchered with the intent to sell our farm fresh pork right here on the farm. In addition to the pork we currently sell, we also offer fresh chicken products and eggs.

From crop growing to hog raising, beauty shop to green houses, from bringing new animals into this world and nursing sick ones only to sometimes lose them anyway, from early mornings before the sun has come up to late nights in the combine long after the sun has gone down, this five generation family farm has seen no shortage of hard work, determination, and passion even while other less fulfilling full time jobs have had to be maintained.

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