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Keep the Change

A small gesture by many who have stopped to support our little, on a whim pop up sales for the farm market as we ease along into our bigger, long term plans. The most unforgettable thing I heard someone say was, I want you to keep the change because I want you to stay in business. I want you to be here. She will never know how huge and impactful such seemingly small words truly meant. A sentiment that I will never forget when days get tough, when business may be slow at times and when we face the many challenges that come with running your own small business at full-time capacity in the near future.

I am a firm believer that there is good in this world. The world has been turned upside down lately and still, I believe there's good. It's far easier to find the bad because it's all around us but with diligence to seek out the good and a refusal to settle for living a life full of negativity when it's the easy thing to do, opt for the more fulfilling route. Look for the good, insist upon it like your life depends on it and you will be rewarded with joy even if it's in the smallest of ways.

I think we all lose our faith in humanity at times, we have bad experiences and as a whole we allow them to change the way we see everything and everyone sometimes. I've witnessed so much kindness lately and it's intoxicating. There are good people, there are strangers who will support you with no ulterior motives other than just wanting to see others succeed, wanting to help in ways they can or simply just being nice humans. I believe in order to receive such kindness, we have to be willing to offer some up of our own and allow it to return to us. Don't always be waiting for the next "bad" thing, seek the good.

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