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Grandma Mary's Scratch 9" Cheesecake Assortment
  • Grandma Mary's Scratch 9" Cheesecake Assortment

    This homemade cheesecake features 8 slices, each with a traditional style cheesecake and crust topped with 8 unique and delicious flavor bombs! Cheesecake lovers, you will not be disappointed! They are as follows:


    1. Strawberry made with a fresh glaze and strawberries
    2. Homemade banana pudding with whipped cream
    3. Homemade peanut butter filling & homemade strawberry jam
    4. Homemade chocolate ganache with chocolate chips
    5. Homemade raspberry glaze and fresh raspberries with white chocolate
    6. Turtle - caramel, pecans and milk chocolate
    7. Strawberry Crunch on top of a layer of homemade strawberry jam
    8. Recee's - homemade chocolate ganache, homemade peanut butter filling, mini recee pieces and a recee cup
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